Rice in the diet

Rice has been used for thousands of years and its cultivation has spread around the world. Although not grown in Britain, we eat about 4.4kg of rice per person annually!

Rice is a complex carbohydrate - providing high energy value and slow energy release. It also contains protein used for growth and repair of the body and provide 11% of the Estimated Average Requirement of protein for an adult. Health experts urge us to cut down on fat and fill up with fruit and vegetables and starchy fibre-rich foods like rice.

Rice fits the healthy eating profile as it :-

  • contains virtually no fat and no cholesterol
  • contains fibre
  • contains little natural salt (although often added in cooking)
  • is gluten free and so is a useful food for coeliacs
  • does not cause allergic reactions
  • is a satisfying foods yet contains few calories
  • is easily digested -suitable for the very young and elderly
  • does not contribute to tooth decay
  • is a relatively inexpensive food product and can form the
  • basis of a satisfying nutritive low cost meal