Test yourself by answering these 20 questions about what you have read so far:

  1. How much rice is eaten per head each year in a) Britain? b) China?
  2. What is a complex carbohydrate?
  3. How does the body use the protein in rice?
  4. What percentage of the E.A.R does rice provide?
  5. Why is rice useful for coeliacs?
  6. Why is rice suitable for the very young?
  7. List 4 ways in which rice fits into the healthy eating profile
  8. Which rice comes from India/Pakistan?
  9. Where do all-purpose rice's mostly come from?
  10. Which rice dish is associated with Spain?
  11. Where is congee eaten for breakfast?
  12. What are some rice cereals enriched with?
  13. Which continent does not produce rice?
  14. Name 2 types of prepared rice products
  15. Name 2 food products you would not have expected to contain rice
  16. Why is rice flour blended into wheat flour in bread making?
  17. In what conditions should rice be stored to prevent bacteria developing?
  18. How should left-over cooked rice be stored?
  19. At what temperature should left-over cooked rice be stored?
  20. Name two different types of an Italian risotto rice.