About Rice

This section investigates the production of rice from planting, through cultivation and harvest, to milling.  In addition to rice grain, there are a number of co-products which arise in the process.

  • The Rice Plant
    The plant has many different variations, but is generally short lived with an average life span of 3-7 months. Find out more about the rice plant
  • Cultivation and Harvesting
    Rice is cultivated in many different ways around the world; the methods used depend on the resources available and the nature of the landscape and soils.  They can differ greatly even in the same locality
  • Milling
    After the rice has been harvested, it is threshed to loosen the hulls, often by flailing, treading or working in a mortar and winnowed free of chaff by tossing it in the air above a sheet or mat.  Mechanised systems will use combine harvesters and the type of agricultural equipment familiar to European farmers.  Milling is a two stage process to remove the husk and then, if required, the bran surrounding the rice kernel
  • By-products
    The rice plant is also used to produce a number of co-products alongside rice grain