National Rice Week 2019

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National Rice Week 2019 is an opportunity to Rice Up Your Life! We are celebrating the infinite variety of rice types and the many delicious dishes that can be cooked with them. 

This year the event falls between Monday 16 and Sunday 22 September; and we're inviting you to join in by cooking your favourite rice-based dish from childhood, and by challenging yourself to cook a new dish - be that summer rice wraps or a special breakfast rice florentine (for one or two!!). 

We have developed a host of recipes to help you try something new and obviously we have our classic all-time faves on offer too. So head over to our recipe section for some inspiration and Rice Up Your Life!

beef bibimbap bowls

Beef bibimbap bowl recipe

Impress your guests with this simple and delicious take on a Korean bibimbap. Bowl food is so hot right now and this one will blow your mind with how easy it is to make. Give it a go today

Beef bibimbap bowls