National Rice Week 2019

rice meal

Rice Week 2019 falls between Monday 16 and Sunday 22 September; and this year we will be focusing on the unique characteristics of different types and varieties of rice.

We will be looking at where in the world rice is grown, the many varieties of rice as well as what makes each of them speical and which rice to use in what recipe along with tips and tricks to get your dishes to be as authentic as possible.

So join us for a journey round the world with rice and step up your rice game.

Kedgeree recipe


Impress your guests or feed your family in under half an hour with this stunning yet simple kedgeree by one of our fave bloggers, Supergolden. She developed this recipe for us especially to highlight some of the characteristics of long-grain rice - that it retains is shape after cooking and that in the finished dish, the kernels are light and fluffy and separate.

Kedgeree Recipe