The winning choice

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Rice is a winning choice for feeding and pleasing a hungry family of growing teens. Mexican burritos are brilliant at getting everyone sitting down at the dining table and eating together. And there are so many different variations you're bound to find one that everyone loves. Winner winner burrito dinner!

Chicken burrito


Use up leftover chicken in these easy chicken burritos filled with spiced Mexican-style rice and beans. Swap for ham, beef or pork if you prefer. This recipe comes from BBC Good Food Magazine.

Spicy bean burrito


These speedy and spicy bean burritos are  creamy, fresh and zingy - and ready in under 20 minutes, the perfect weeknight supper!

This recipe is from The Veg Space

Chilli cheese burrito


This is a tremendous one-pot dish from Nadiya Hussain. It's a great famiy meal, designed for everyone to load their own burrito and get stuck in. Forks not required! In this chilli cheese burrito the warm tortilla is wrapped around rice, chilli and cheese and it's a true winning combo.