National Rice Week 2021


National Rice Week 2021 is an opportunity to Rice Up Your Life! We are celebrating the infinite variety of rice types and the many delicious dishes that can be cooked with them. 

This year the event falls between Monday 14 and Sunday 20 September; and we're inviting you to join in by trying one of our new authentic rice-based dishes from a host of celebrity chefs and familiar faces.

Our hope it to encourage more people to choose rice whether that’s by demonstrating the simplicity of cooking it at home or being first choice when eating out.


With so many different kinds of rice to choose from including basmati, long grain, fragrant, risotto and pudding, there are almost endless ways to enjoy this nutritious and versatile grain. So, this National Rice Week, why not cook up one of your favourite rice dishes or discover a new one by trying a different kind of rice.

Handy tips

Prawn and courgette Risotto image

Perhaps you’ve never cooked a risotto, or made your own rice pudding? Do you want to know how to makegreat sticky rice or what the best rice is for your favourite curry? Or ever wondered what the difference is between basmati and long grain rice*? You can find the answers to all these questions, lots of exciting recipes for all kinds of rice, as well ashandy tips from the experts.


Although each type of rice has its own texture and flavour they share the same nutritional benefits that can contribute towards a healthy balanced diet. Rice is low in fat, cholesterol and sodium, high in energy, packed full of vitamins and minerals (vitamin E, B vitamins and potassium) – so make a date with National Rice Week this September andRice Up Your Life!