Rice Recipes


The many varieties of rice make amazingly versatile ingredients for different styles of cuisine from the four corners of the globe....read more

2014 rice symposium

rice on blue

Thursday 16 October 2014 in London. Topics debated include long-term supply; GMOs; Basmati authenticity; and consumption >>more

Rice Facts


Rice is the least traded of the three grain crops responsible for feeding the majority of the world's population - over 90% is eaten in the country where it is grown.....read more


Welcome to the Rice Association

The Association is the representative organisation for the UK rice sector. Its main aim is to promote the interests of members in all matters pertaining to the import, preparation, processing, packaging and marketing of rice.

The operational objectives of the Association are:

  • To increase the awareness of and promote the consumption of all types of rice in the UK
  • To secure the removal of impediments and anomalies in European Community legislation creating distortions in the UK rice trade.
  • To secure the continued improvement in the quality of rice supplied to the UK and encourage the development of rice varieties suited to UK consumers' requirements.
  • To harmonise and set the quality and technical standards for the industry.
  • To convey the views of the Association to others who have direct or indirect involvement in the rice world, whether nationally, at EU level or overseas.