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Joining the RA

Want to join Rice Association?

If you work within the UK rice industry either importing, preparing, processing, packaging or marketing rice; then membership of the Rice Association could help your business. Our aims are to:


Our aims are to:

increase the awareness of and promote the consumption of all types of rice in the UK

secure the removal of impediments and anomalies in legislation (in the UK and elsewhere) creating distortions in the UK rice trade.

secure the continued improvement in the quality of rice supplied to the UK and encourage the development of rice varieties suited to UK consumers' requirements.

harmonise and set the quality and technical standards for the industry.

convey the views of the Association to others who have direct or indirect involvement in the rice world, whether nationally, at EU level or overseas

Full membership of the Rice Association is open to businesses that are actively engaged in importing, processing, packing or marketing rice and which have been in business for a minimum of three years.


Associate membership is available to businesses which are in some other way supportive of the rice trade - for example machinery manufacturers or providers of services.

For more information please click the button below and contact us.

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