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Position papers

Here you can read about the industry's views on a range of issues, such as biotechnology and CAP reform.

All of the documents below can be read using Adobe Acrobat reader. If you do not have this programme on your computer.

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Basmati Code of Practice July 2022

Code of practice for basmati rice

Biotechnology (32 KB)

Rice Association position statement on biotechnology

Nutritional Benefits of Rice (251 KB)

Learn more about the nutritional benefits of eating rice

Rice Industry in the UK

Find out more about facts and figures on the UK's rice industry, which is worth around £900m annually

Rice economic briefing November 2022

An update on the current economic situation of the rice sector, covering the rice market, wider grain markets, shipping and energy costs.

Tricyclazole in rice: EU Standing Committee proposal, March 2017 (351 KB)

The EU standing committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed supported an EU Commission proposal to reduce the tricyclazole residue

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