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Why rice?


Rice is a great ingredient to have in your kitchen: it's quick to cook, nutritious, versatile has a long shelf life and is used in so many family favourite dishes - sweet and savoury.

Ready in 10?

You can knock up a pot of fluffy basmati rice in about 10mins. And rice pouches can be ready in around 2 minutes.


A family favourite

So many family favourites feature rice: bibimbap, burritos, chicken katsu, chicken tikka masala, sushi. Rice is a winning choice for feeding and pleasing a hungry group of family or friends.

Versatile rice

Rice is such a versatile foodstuff. What else do you know that can be eaten hot or cold; sweet or savoury; and for breakfast, lunch, dinner or for a snack? Not much hey!

Store cupboard saviour

With a naturally long shelf life, rice is a great store cupboard saviour. There are so many authentic and delicious meals that can be whipped up making best use of the herbs and spices and the contents of your cupboards, fridge and freezer. You can even knock up a filling smoothie with a rice pouch and frozen berries.

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