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A-Z of rice

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Al dente

An Italian phrase denoting the texture of pasta, rice and vegetables as tender or soft on the outside but still firm to the bite within; its literal translation is 'to the tooth'.

Arborio rice

The classic risotto rice from the north Italian region of Piedmont; a medium to long grain rice, it absorbs a lot of cooking liquid yet still retains a good bite in texture.


Is the largest rice producing state in the U.S.


Signed his autograph "Red Beans and Ricely Yours…."


Is a distilled liquor prepared from a rice infusion.

Arroz con Pollo

Rice with chicken, is thought to originate from Portugal or Spain.


Ash from the Hulls of the rice is used to produce cellulose products e.g. rayon and rice fuel.


Various brands of beer are brewed with rice. When rice is used in brewing it is claimed that the rice gives the beer lightness.


A medium grain originating from Spain, used to make Paella


The outer husk of the rice grain is cleaned and stabilised and used as a fibre supplement in the same way as wheat bran.

Breakfast Cereals

Various cereals are made from puffed rice.


Rice cakes are made from crispy puffed rice to produce a light base which can be topped with any sweet or savoury topping. They are very low in calories.

Calas Tous Chauds

Rice fritters which were sold in the streets of the French quarter in New Orleans.


The name originally used for pudding rice as an early source for this rice was America.


A Persian dish distinctive for its golden crusted rice grains.


Rice grains can be ground and formed into cosmetic powders.


Japanese rice crackers are a popular snack.


Is symbolised by chopsticks stuck into a mound of rice in Taiwan

Della Rice

An aromatic rice developed in the US, described as having similar characteristics to Basmati. But its cooked kernels are not as long and as slender as Basmati as when it cooks it swells lengthwise and widthwise.

Dewie Srie

The Indonesian goddess of rice.


Arabic for "something stuffed," a Greek cuisine comprised of grape leaves stuffed with a filling of rice, meat, and lentils and various other seasonings. Usually braised or baked. They may be eaten hot or cold or at room temperature as an appetiser or entrée.


A bowl of rice with some other food on top of it.


Straw from the plant is used to make a 'Rice Dragon' for Silk Worms to build their cocoons upon.


In many Asian cultures rice is considered the link between Heaven and Earth.


Hulls from the plant are used to generate electricity.

Enriched Rice

Rice which has some of the nutrients replaced which were lost during milling. When enriched, Iron, Nacin and Thiamin are the most commonly added nutrients.


Rice is a symbol of fertility in Asian cultures.


Rice grains are rolled and flaked and then used in a similar way as porridge oats to produce porridge, flapjacks and biscuits


Rice grains are milled finely to produce rice flour, which is used in baking and as a thickening agent.

Fried Rice

A Chinese dish of rice seasoned with soy sauce and stir-fried; eggs, chicken, pork, shrimp and/or vegetables are often stirred into the mixture. Fried rice is best prepared with chilled cooked rice.


Can be made by boiling ground rice.


Rice is gluten free and suitable for Coeliacs who are allergic to gluten


The Japanese word meaning rice and a complete meal.

Ground rice

Is rice grain that has been ground into a coarse powder. This has a similar texture and particle size to semolina and is used in baking and puddings


A Cajun dish.


Means 'main rice field'

Household Friendly

A few grains of rice in a salt cellar will keep the salt running freely


Are used as a packing material to pad fragile cargo during shipping


Rice has even been used to make ice-cream


Is the Japanese rice god


One of the two main sub-species of rice. Indica varieties are generally long grain and account for the majority of rice consumed in the UK


Chinese believe that rice cures indigestion


The Philippine rice god


A traditional Louisiana rice dish, its highly seasoned and flavoured with sausage, ham, seafood, pork or chicken.

Japanese Meal Names

Are based around rice:
Breakfast = 'Morning Rice' = asa gohan
Lunch = 'Afternoon Rice' = hiru gohan
Dinner = 'Evening Rice' = Ban gohan


One of the two main sub-species of rice. Japonica varieties are generally short or medium grain, used in dishes such as sushi and risotto


A fragrant rice similar to basmati.


Being jobless in Singapore is termed 'broken rice bowl' whilst a good job is termed an 'iron rice bowl'.


During the days of the British Raj in India it is believed that this dish was adapted from Kichiri.


An indigenous dish of rice and lentils from India, adapted to form Kedgeree

Kin Khao

In Thai means having a meal or eating rice.

Laundry Starch

Is manufactured from broken grains of rice.

Long Hair

In Sumatra rice is often sown by women with long hair hanging loosely down their backs as it is thought to help the rice grow more abundantly and with long stalks


An Indonesian recipe which constricts rice as it cooks so that expanding grains form a mass which can be cut into squares.


Rice is a symbol of luck in many Asian countries.

Mae Posop

The Thai rice god


The name given to wild rice by native American tribes, meaning precious grain.


Rice Marble is the decorative effect of placing rice on book covers during their making.


Newly-weds would have rice thrown over them as it was believed that this would ensure the couple had numerous children


Rice has been used as a substitute for money, in medieval Japan Samurai warriors were paid with rice.

Nasi Goreng

Means fried rice in Indonesian


A style of sushi. Rice is pressed into balls using sushi vinegar and often incorporating seaweed before a variety of toppings are added.


Are made from rice flour, white and semi-transparent they are used mainly in soups and stir-frying


Rice is a good source of essential nutrient's thiamin, riboflavin, nacin, phosphorous, iron and potassium


Rice harvesting festival in Japan.


In India, rice water (a decoction of rice) is prescribed to counteract inflamed surfaces


Japanese rice gruel, soft like oatmeal and is served as part of a typical breakfast

Oryza sativa

The Latin botanical name of rice


Rice Paper is not made from Rice at all, but from the pith of the 'rice paper tree', a small Asian shrub. Rice Paper is a thin edible paper used to line baking trays, in the East it is used for delicate paintings. A coarse rice paper can be made from rice flour and this is used to wrap spring rolls and other Asian foods


A process perfected in the 1940's as a means of preserving nutrients that would otherwise be lost in the milling.


Rice is ground into powder and used to form pastries.


The name used for long grain rice when it was exported from India.


A light, fluffy rice dish originating from the Middle East. Rice is sautéed in fat and then cooked in a broth with onions, raisins and spices

Pudding Rice

A short grain rice used in puddings and sweets, the grains are starchy and clump together when cooked.

Queen of Fragrance

Is the translation of Basmati.

Rice Shapes

Used as a gluten free alternative to wheat pasta


A Dutch term meaning 'rice table', a Dutch version of an Indonesian meal which consists of small well seasoned side dishes e.g. steamed, fried seafood or meats, vegetables, sauces etc


An Italian dish which is rich and creamy, the rice is sautéed in fat and then cooked in a broth.

Rough Rice

Another name for Paddy


Is an alcoholic drink that the Japanese make from fermented rice. It is served hot in ceramic bowls.


A red rice dish, where the rice has been cooked with red azuki beans, the colour is festive for celebrations.


The Greek poet mentioned rice in the Greek Tragedies.


From the Rice plant has many different uses:

Twisted into sticks for fuel
Crafted into handicrafts, shoes and toys
Braided into rope
Moulded into bricks
Stacked and preserved as fodder for cattle
Made into Paper


Cooked rice formed into rice balls and served cold with brightly coloured seafood placed on top


The rice planting ritual in Japan


The Indonesian Rice god.


Ash from the hulls of the rice plant is used to clean discoloured teeth


Means 'bountiful rice field'


Has never been able to cultivate rice due to its adverse climatic conditions


There is a Rice University in the USA


Rice has versatility unlike any other food, it can be made part of any meal in recipes for soups, salads, main dishes, desserts, drinks and vinegar!


Three types are made, white, red and black, which vary in taste and are used extensively in Chinese cooking.


In Bali, it is believed that Lord Vishnu caused the Earth to give birth to rice.


Rice is a symbol of wealth in Asian countries.

Wild Rice

Not a true rice, but an aquatic grass variety and from a different genus, the grains are long, thin and black. Rich in B Vitamins.


The Chinese make wine from glutinous rice, used for cooking and drinking, it's similar to pale sherry.

Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae

Is a bacterial blight disease which affects rice plants and their crop.

Zizania palustris

The Latin name of Wild rice. It is the only cereal grain native to North American continent.

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